Mandi Donkor

Mandi is a registered mental health nurse who qualified in 1999 with a BSC (hons) in Mental Health Nursing. Since then she has been employed by the NHS and has worked in various mental health environments, inpatient units and within the community. For the last 9 years of her career she has worked within the community as an integrative therapist using a variety of therapeutic approaches but predominately CBT.  She has experience of treating clients with depression, generalised anxiety, OCD, health anxiety, social phobia, specific phobias, worry, stress, anger, irritability, sleep issues, low self-esteem, poor motivation, self-harm, grief, loss, parenthood, physical health difficulties, retirement, redundancy, relationship difficulties, addictions, pain, chronic illness and pregnancy/adoption issues. 


Mandi is also now an accredited IPT therapist and works with clients who have depression and one of 4 main associated areas: role conflict/disputes, role transition, complicated grief/loss and difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships with others.