LIFE COACHING - £65 per session

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The aim of life coaching is to provide professional coaching to anyone who is ready to let go of anything that is holding them back and start to move on to have a more fulfilling life – the one you deserve to have.

How are your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions affecting you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your career, your life?  It all starts with you making a choice - is it time for you to make some adjustments?

Coaching can help with a range of situations and some of the most common areas Mark offers support are:

 - Career Navigation coaching

 - Job performance coaching

 - Leadership and Management coaching

 - Improving relationships coaching

 - Rewarding parenting coaching

 - Better health and wellbeing coaching

Optional career reports are available, at an additional cost.

A typical coaching programme may be expected to take 4-6 sessions but we will only do as many as you feel you need and you may terminate at any time.