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- cost £50 per session

The loss of a loved one can be extremely distressing and traumatic. Some people get angry, some people withdraw further into themselves and some become completely numb. 


We will assist you to work through any intense or persistent thoughts or feelings such as sadness, anger, anxiety, disbelief, panic, relief or even numbness.

Sometimes, grief can turn into something more serious - like depression. You may wish to have counselling if:

  • You feel that for whatever reason, you need help to get through this experience

  • You find yourself unable to manage the tasks of your daily life, such as going to work, looking after yourself or your dependants

  • Over time you remain preoccupied and acutely distressed by your grief

  • When you feel a loss of a sense of future and security and produce intense emotional and physical pain

  • You experience panic attacks or other serious anxiety or depressive symptoms

  • Your personal relationships are affected

  • You have persistent thoughts of harm to yourself or others

  • You deal with your grief by over-use of alcohol or drugs

Therapists who can help with Bereavement Counselling are Fay Pryde and Louise Hodgson.

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