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All Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Counsellors working at Evolve Therapy Rooms are experienced and qualified to BA (Hons) degree level.  They are all members of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and work within their Ethical Framework for Good Practice, which means they all have regular supervision and are fully insured to practice. We have both male and female counsellors available depending on your preference. 

Your first session is an opportunity to meet your counsellor and discuss your needs, as well as entering into a mutually agreeable contract of therapy. Each session will last for 50 minutes and takes place in a private, quiet, comfortable and confidential setting where you will not be disturbed or overheard.  You will need 6 sessions initially, which will be reviewed and further sessions will be mutually agreed. To make counselling accessible to everyone, home visits are available in the local area to those people who can not leave the house (contact us to discuss this further).


One to one Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Counselling: £50 per session.

These sessions can help you with issues such as anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, panic, depression, low self-esteem/confidence, perfectionism, difficulties within families, relationship problems, self harm, anger, abuse, bereavement and loss.

One to one Young Persons Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Counselling (from age 4 upwards): Cost £50 per session.  

These sessions are to help children and adolescents with various issues such as social anxiety, low self esteem/confidence, conflict in families, self-harm, depression, abuse, bullying, anger, bereavement and loss.


Monthly De-Stress Session £65/1.5 sessions.

This service is aimed at anyone who is struggling with work related stress and who needs to have a better work-life balance. Excessive stress can cause long term physical and emotional health problems. Talking to a counsellor can relieve some of this stress without having to burden friends or family.  It can also help you to understand and practice emotional intelligence so you can become more resilient to stress by taking care of your own needs. We will look at different ways of communicating including assertiveness training, as well as performing in-session guided imagery for relaxation and learning new coping strategies. 


Employment Assistance Services: £50 per hour.

This service is aimed at supporting employers and employees within their place of work by helping to resolve any difficulties affecting the employee's performance or attendance.  Common issues include anxiety/stress, depression, interpersonal and relationship problems, as well as low self-worth or lack of confidence.  Short term focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is far more cost effective than staff absence or loss of productivity for organisations, as unresolved long term emotional difficulties such as stress can lead to serious physical health conditions. Alternatively, for staff already absent from work, I offer a focused returned to work programme.  My services can be tailored to meet your requirements either with individuals or small groups of staff.


I also offer Critical Assistance in the event of a traumatic incident happening either in the workplace or outside the workplace to an employee.  Examples of common critical incidents include suicide of an employee, sudden/accidental death of an employee, being threatened or attacked in the workplace, witnessing a traumatic event or any other emotionally distressing event.  As an ethical employer it is important to have procedures in place for such an event to minimise the impact on your members of staff.  Providing emotional support will not only show your employees you care about their emotional health, as well as physical health, it will also boost morale and productivity.​

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Sleep Programme: £180 (4 sessions) 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is clinical proven to be the most effective treatment for chronic insomnia and is recommended by NICE guidelines. Poor sleep and depression are closely linked; with 60-90% of people who have depression also having insomnia.

This 4 session programme will take place at our therapy rooms based in Ryton.

You will be seen on a one to one basis. The programme incorporates CBT with relaxation techniques and hypnotics. It will help you challenge your unhelpful thoughts and feelings about your lack of sleep and help you to develop good sleep hygiene. You will be guided through meditations and relaxations techniques that will help you to sleep better.

Imaging how wonderful you will feel after sleeping well. The benefits of sleeping well include:

* Better immunity
* Boosts to mental well-being
* Improved relationships
* Helps you slim
* Prevents diabetes
* Increases sex drive
* Wards off heart disease
* Increases fertility



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