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- £60 per session or 6 session package £330

Everyday difficulties with financial pressures, sexual or emotional problems, infidelity and extended families can put an unbearable strain on relationships and family life.  Whether you are in a traditional marriage, in a single-sex relationship or co-habiting with your partner; whether your relationship is longstanding or relatively new, Couple Counselling can help you overcome the difficulties you may be facing. It can help you to recognise why you were attracted to each other initially; consider how each partner contributes to the relationship; identify what you are both prepared to do to make the relationship work; to find out what you both want and expect from your relationship. 

Dancing Couple

Counselling for separating/divorcing couples

Counselling can also help people who are separating and/or divorcing, to deal with their grief and anger, so they can move forward with a sense of purpose and plans for the future. Counselling may help you to:

  • look at the changing relationship

  • manage the grief and loss associated with a relationship breakdown

  • identify a way forward for the separation including coping strategies

  • learn about acceptance and ways to attain it

  • learn to be single again

  • gain the strength to consider a new and sustaining relationship.


Counselling and working through the problems of separation with someone who has no personal involvement can help people through this difficult time.  In reality, many people live happy, fulfilled lives following a relationship breakdown. Some people choose to go into another relationship and many do not. There is no right way.

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